The Eleven Kings of Tunwic refers to the previous era. A time when Tunwic was largely united a single ruler, at peace, and prosperous.

During the reign of the Eleven Kings, Tunwic was a land known across many lands to be significantly wealthy. Gold and silver mines were worked extensively across Tunwic, providing the kingdom with vast wealth, enough so that the Kings abolished most taxes from citizens of the kingdom. Prisoners of wars with uncivilized tribes and those convicted of severe crimes were forced to work the mines freeing the citizens from that burden as well. The kings invested some of this wealth into the region's infrastructure, building a number of large, paved roads and forts to defend their land and there was no longer any danger traveling between towns, as the rule of law spread throughout. The people grew rich with little work and flaunted their wealth. This became their undoing.

Across the Southern Sea, an army of Orcs who were already rampaging throughout the main continent, caught wind of this land filled with treasure. They seized ships along the coast and made war upon the kingdom. The kings hired a large army of mercenaries and even paid large sums to the Skrifa for aid, but all for naught.

During the reign of the eleventh king, Dalfin, the kingdom fell. Dalfin, like all other Tunwic Kings was buried with his personal wealth in a secret tomb, protected by riddles, traps, magics, and guardians. Over time, legends spread of the great wealth buried with the kings. Only one of their tombs has ever been discovered and successfully broken into however. The wealth those adventurers brought out with them was so vast it brought the value of Tunwic's gold to an all time low for several years.