A very short race, Gnomes originate from the base of the Dwarves’ mountains. They are very inquisitive and inventive. They seem to have a fascination and a knack for combining strange new technologies with magic. These contraptions are often dangerous, but many gnomish communities make their living selling these strange machines.

Gnomes tend to be very intelligent, especially in comparison to the other races. They take pride in this intelligence and a gnome’s intelligence is partly what decides where he or she stands in Gnomish society. They also tend to seem rather arrogant to other races and often are actually arrogant.

Gnomes live and work in Krewes, rather than familial units. A Krewe is a group of Gnomes ranging from 3 to 30 individuals. Competition is fierce and constant between the various Krewes, and can sometimes descend into violence during particularly fierce competitions.

Before a Gnome can become an adult and thus join a Krewe, they must complete a Finding. This involves them leaving their homes and traveling abroad until they find something of value, whether it be physical or knowledge. They then bring this back and any Krewe who wishes to have this Finding, will offer the Gnome a place in their Krewe.


Aston, Alvyn, Brocc, Eldon, Frugg, Ku, Nim, Pock, Sindri, Wrenn, Warren


Breena, Corline, Dorleen, Donella, Ella, Lillia, Nim, Nyx, Roswyn, Zanna


Airslicer, Corkscrew, Thistlefizz, Swiftnozzle, Steambus, Fizzlegrinder, Gearshaft,