Halfling, or the Wrim as they call themselves, are short, hairy, bipedal humanoids, often living along waterways. They are typically around 4 feet tall and covered in very coarse dark hair. They oftentimes braid and weave this hair into very intricate styles across their bodies. Halflings typically live for about 90 years.

The Wrim have their homeland far from Tunwic though this hasn't stopped more enterprising groups of them from arriving in this land. On their homelands, they are known for their intense politics which has resulted in an incredibly long and brutal civil war which has wracked their people. When a Halfling meets another Halfling for the first time, tension fills the air as they attempt to quickly discover where the other stood in the civil war and whether they could interact safely.

Examples of Names


Ander, Corrin, Danaad, Erich, Fanaan, Garret, Lindal, Merric, Reed, Ulmo


Andrey, Bree, Callie, Chandler, Eida, Kithrie, Neddia, Paela, Vryn, Verna, Welli


Brushgather, Underbarrel, Greenbottle, Hilltopple, Tealeaf, Thorngage