There are a few different beliefs in Tunwic. Though they can be separated into three broad groupings, each population tends to have some little twist on their chosen religion as well, which is far too numerous to mention here.


A shapely humanoid woman made entirely of flames, she is considered to be the orderer of the world. It was she that brought civilization to the people of Tunwic and allowed them to tame the wilds. Delona was worshipped extensively during the reign of the kings and many temples still stand in her name. Her faith has dropped significantly as the kingdom fell.

Those who worship Delona, believe she is the one true Divine of the world. All other Divines are simply Delona manifesting herself in different ways to other people.


The Old Ones are those Divines from before the worship of Delona spread, being heavily spirit, ancestor, and nature based, and containing the worship of a small number of recognizable Divines, such as Death. There are not many left who worship the Old Ones, but those who do are not always easy to spot anyways.


Worship of The Divines is the most widely held belief set. The Divines simply refers to all the living gods and goddesses, of which there are many. Sacrifices and thanks will be made to those whose assistance they seek at the nearby temple or shrine and one will go about the rest of their day as, "It is in the Divine's hands now."