Hardboot - Originally referring to a specific boot, reinforced for long distance traveling, Hardboot is now most often used to mean a mercenary or sometimes, adventurer. The boots once referred to were popular with these people and eventually became synonymous with them. Over time, the name stuck, regardless of the footwear being worn by the individual.

Knuckle - 5 Silver Bits. So called because a stack of 5 silver Bits is roughly as tall as a human knuckle.

Sarjent - A (semi-)professional soldier, often found leading larger militias, working as reliable footmen for knights, or forming a solid core to build a warband or army around. Sarjents are differed from Hardboots by staying with a particular employer for a longer time and having some common cause with their employer, rather than simply following coin wherever it may be.

Wilders - A catchall term for those who practice magic involving nature or spirits, especially druids, shamans, and witches.

Wulvwerfan - Meaning wolf-hunter, this is a term sometimes used for bounty hunters.