The worship of the Old Ones dates back to before people can remember. Those who worship the Old Ones are typically interacting with the spirits of nature or ancestors. Beyond the worship of the spirits, there is the few Divines of their pantheon.

Ubris – Also known as Death, Ubris is believed to be the oldest Divine alive. She is notably acknowledged in almost every set of worship around the world. Although she does preside over death, hers is a natural part of the world and she teaches that it should not be feared. Nor should one circumvent it, such as the undead. She is typically seen as a black bird, usually a crow.

Wiasu – Goddess of Conflict. Wiasu is asked to give blessings upon those about to do battle or enter competitions. Those who are successful often give up portions of their winnings to her. Wiasu is usually seen as a tall, luminous shieldmaiden armed for war.

Jotun – God of Peace. Jotun is a jovial and easy god, being praised for all good things in life. Farmers thank him for keeping their fields free from ravagers, tavern-goers praise him for the good times soon to come, and warriors thank him for allowing them to enjoy life off the field of battle.