Tieflings appear to be a race of humanoids with demonic features, including horns and a tail. Tieflings are the descendants of those who have consorted with demons and devils, mixing their bloodlines. This does not make Tieflings necessarily evil, though it does give them the appearance of evil. Many Tieflings trace their origins back to demon conquest of Tongshou, where many of the Shou consorted with the demons in return for positions of power over their neighbors.


Many Tieflings have abandoned the lands of Tongshou and taken up the ways of the Wanderers. Wanderers are peoples, typically Tieflings, who wander across all Adarl their entire lives in small caravans. They often conduct minor trade between various towns and less often steal to get what they need to survive. This has given them a reputation as vagabonds and thieves and they are rarely truly welcome anywhere.